Three Active Wear Trends Making Waves for Fall 2020 Because of COVID-19

With many of us staying at home and discovering the lovely walk-able sidewalks in our neighborhoods or spending time at the park more than ever before its no wonder that trendy athletic wear is fast becoming popular.

I quickly discovered that I was lacking in sufficient supply of cute work out wear to keep up with this increased time being spent on trails, walking the neighborhood, or simply running errands as a Mom. Just because I am a busy Mom trying to work, home school and get outdoors does not mean I have to look like a slob.

After some brief research I discovered that one of the biggest fashion trends for Fall 2020 is fashionable yet functional active wear. Hooray! New trends in Athletic wear fashion have paved the way to comfortable yet attractive clothing. So, this Fall I am determined to ditch the stereo types and dress practical but stylishly. Yoga Leggings, Capri's and other athletic fashion wear are clothes that I can enjoy while exercising or on the go and so can fellow career women who are not dressing up to go into the office as often. Women should feel empowered in whatever they wear and what better way than to show your personality and trendy side with functional clothing that looks amazing on you showing off your personal style.


Here are three notable trends that you should consider for Fall 2020:

  1. Seamless active wear is in and is incredibly comfortable. The concept of seamless active wear is that there is no visible stitching. According to ABC Newswire the benefits of seamless active wear are that it is long lasting, flexible & adaptable, anti-chafing, lightweight and breathable.
  2. Minimalism is in. Less is more so high-quality leggings for example that can be versatile and used for a walk or yoga or transform into a great pair of pants for a social distancing outing make sense.
  3. Exotic prints are everywhere right now. Tap into that creative style to express your inner diva by ditching the boring one-color leggings occasionally and try out some trendy pattern leggings. My designs in the Custom Collection section of the Tribal Moon Athletics website showcases patterned Yoga Leggings made to order with inspiration from African fashionable fabrics.

Additionally, many brands are now more than ever working hard to be inclusive and showcase women of various ethnic groups and body shapes and sizes. Ignoring these important consumer segments is no longer an option for brands looking to survive especially when COVID 19 hit and many businesses profits plummeted or ceased to exist altogether. Listening to consumers and their needs is imperative to a brands authenticity.

So, in the end as many of us stay home do consider making stylish athletic wear that looks good on the go a practical but necessary part of your wardrobe.  Empower yourself to look and feel good with sensible clothing that is versatile and minimalizes your efforts to look presentable.